Pokemon Masters EX Adds new Master Sync Pairs

Pokemon Masters EX Adds new Master Sync Pairs

Up until now, the only master sync pair in Pokemon Masters EX has been Leon and Charizard. But that’s all been shaken up with the new additions of Archie and Kygore and Maxie and Groudon.

What are master sync pairs? Well they’re combinations of trainer and Pokemon that can give your whole team a boost. Archie and Kygore get a passive skill that makes it rain on the battlefield, a move that helps out with their other attacks, while Maxie and Groudon get a new attack called Precipice Blades that hits all of your enemies at once.

It’d be cool if there was some sort of visual aid, combined with sound, that explained all of this, right? Like a trailer? OMG what’s that at the bottom of the paragraph?

The game has also added a new story event called Masters of Land and Sea. You can play it if you’ve finished the first chapter of the story mode, and it tells the tale of how the trainers met and befriended their poke-friends. The event runs until June 13th and if you log-in during that time you’ll get up to 800 gems and some other rewards.

You’ll also get a log-in bonus of 6000 gems thanks to the Land and Sea Awaken events that ended last month. And you can add the two new master sync pairs to your teams from the Master Fair Scout, which will be open until June 29th.

That was a lot of information. If you want to pick up Pokemon Masters EX from the Play Store, you can do that by clicking right here.

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Author: Elijah Nicki