Nier Reincarnation Release Date Announced

Nier Reincarnation Release Date Announced

Just a couple of weeks ago we were telling you that Nier Reincarnation pre-orders had gone live on the Google Play Store. Well, a lot can change in a fortnight – now we can tell you exactly when the game is going to launch worldwide. And it’s pretty darn soon.

How soon? Next month soon. Which is really soon. Nier Reincarnation will be available to download from the Play Store on July 28th. So you’ve basically got a month to wait, which is barely any time at all, especially in the cosmic sense.

To celebrate the launch-date reveal, Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for the game. And you can use your eyes to check it out just below this paragraph.

It shows off a good chunk of the gameplay the game is going to offer, which is something we haven’t seen much of up to now. Squeenix has also added some new pre-registration bonuses. If orders pass the 600,000 mark, every player will get enough gems for 15 summons and a bunch of extra goodies to power-up their characters too.

All of that sounds like Nier Reincarnation is going to have some gacha mechanics in it, as well as a team-building bent. Is that what you were hoping for? It certainly seems to be the way of things for mobile games at the moment, for good or ill.

You can click here to get your pre-registration in for Nier Reincarnation. They should have called it Re-nier-carnation. Actually, that doesn’t make much sense. Okay, as you were.

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Author: Elijah Nicki