My Time at Portia Pre-Orders for Android are Live

My Time at Portia Pre-Orders for Android are Live

Basically, what the headline says. If you’ve been excited to get your hands on Stardew Valley-style build-and-make-friends-’em-up My Time at Portia on your Android phone or tablet, you can now start to get a bit more excited.

That’s because pre-orders for the game are now live on the Play Store. My Time at Portia is set to launch on August 4th, which means you’ve got exactly two months to wait. That’s not that long, in the grand scheme of things.

The mobile version of the game has a few extra tweaks when compared to the home version that’s been bought by more than two million people worldwide. These include a more streamlined UI and shortcuts to make building and crafting easier.

There are extra auto and manual save options too, to make sure you’re not going to lose any of your progress if you have to put your game down in a hurry.

My Time at Portia is all about rebuilding the world after a global tragedy. You’re crafting pretty much everything, fighting monsters and making friends with 50 different NPCs.

If you want to get your pre-order in – which, let’s be honest, you almost certainly do – you can do it by clicking here to visit My Time at Portia’s Google Play Store page.

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Author: Elijah Nicki