Here’s the Debut Trailer for Rush Rally Origins

Here’s the Debut Trailer for Rush Rally Origins

Last week we showed you some filthy screenshots from Rush Rally Origins. This week we’re going one better – we’ve got a trailer! That’s basically moving screenshots.

What is Rush Rally Origins? It’s the latest game in the Rush Rally series, which has so far delivered some of the finest, muckiest racing that mobile has seen. And this new version looks set to take things even further.

How? Well, we’ll tell you how in a bit. First though, here’s that trailer, since that’s what the main thrust of this news story is. Feast your eyes on this.

It certainly looks lovely, right? And action packed. Lovely and action packed are the two things we always look for in our rallying and racing games. Lovely, action packed, and mucky. So very mucky.

The game is going to feature 36 different tracks, day and night races, different kinds of weather, car upgrades and single and multiplayer modes. It’ll run at 60fps, or 120fps on supported devices. That’s so many f’s per s.

And all being well, the game is going to land on the Play Store in August. Holy moly, that’s next month. We’re super excited to get our hands on this one. What about you?

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Author: Elijah Nicki