Botworld Adventure Out Now in Early Access

Botworld Adventure Out Now in Early Access

Botworld Adventure is an open world, bot-collecting RPG that owes a few debts to Pokemon. It’s from the developer behind the excellent Skiing Yeti Mountain and Rodeo Stampede, and you can pick it up in Early Access right now from the Google Play Store.

The game sees you wandering around a series of lush environments, building up a team of bots to protect you from the foes and fiends you’ll stumble across on your journey.

There’s an interesting battle system that sees you throwing your team into battle – they’ll do most of the work, but it’s up to you to choose when to unleash your special moves. It’s a bit MOBA-y, without the towers and the screaming children.

There are different races to choose from, unique customization options and a whole lot more to sink your teeth into. And, as we’re sure you’ll agree if you watched the trailer above, it looks pretty darn charming too.

Like we’ve already said, the game is in Early Access, so there are likely to be some bugs and borked bits to contend with, so don’t get too mad if you encounter any.

Botworld Adventure is free to download from the Play Store, and you can click here to do just that. There are IAPs, but it looks like the sort of game you can play without spending too much.

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Author: Elijah Nicki