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题目:Why, Can, and How Research ? 

    – personal experience sharing with beginners





In this information age, IT industry associates, e.g., senior undergraduates, masters, and junior PhDs, may have questions like why do research, can I do excellent research, and how to do high quality research. We would like to share personal understanding on these questions with young and energetic researchers. Firstly, research will enhance our capability, which is totally different from learning from classrooms. Secondly, most people (if not all) in high education sector can do good research, even excellent research. Thirdly, we need strategies in carrying on research. We humbly expect this talk will bring young friends confidence and directions to explore their infinite future.


Shui Yu is a Professor of School of Computer Science, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. His research interest includes Cybersecurity, Network Science, Big Data, and Mathematical Modelling. He has published five monographs and edited two books, more than 500 technical papers at different venues, such as IEEE TDSC, TPDS, TC, TIFS, TMC, TKDE, TETC, ToN, and INFOCOM. His current h-index is 66. Professor Yu promoted the research field of networking for big data since 2013, and his research outputs have been widely adopted by industrial systems, such as Amazon cloud security. He is currently serving the editorial boards of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (Area Editor) and IEEE Internet of Things Journal (Editor). He served as a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Communications Society (2018-2021). He is a Distinguished Visitor of IEEE Computer Society,  and an elected member of Board of Governors of IEEE VTS and IEEE ComSoc, respectively. He is a member of ACM and AAAS, and a Fellow of IEEE.


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